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About Us

Heavenly chicken & Waffles uses fresh Amish chickens and real milk and cream to create the world’s most delicious chicken wings and waffle combination. This unique east coast style and flavor with a Michigan flair has gained us the rare opportunity to be featured three separate times on Fox2 news morning show and receive rave reviews from both patrons and food critics.

All meals are made to order to ensure freshness which is why we have maintained our image for having "good food", not fast food".

We have a variety of flavored waffles also made to order such as strawberry, banana, cinnamon, chocolate chip and apple cinnamon.... want to be really daring? Ask our friendly staff to top your waffle off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, now that's heaven on earth!

Need catering for your next get together? Contact us for have your next birthday, baby shower, meeting or any other reason to mingle amongst friends and associates. We know you will enjoy our food and services… so call today and make your reservation to see for yourself how we bring heaven on earth for you!

About Us

Aaron Sanders, owner and founder of Heavenly Chicken & Waffles, visited New York City in 1998 and was first introduced to the concept of this odd but delicious meal of chicken and waffles which began in 1930 at a place called Wells Kitchen located in Harlem New York.

The combination was so good and virtually unheard of in his hometown of Michigan he just had to share this with his friends and business associates. After returning from his vacation Aaron began to have small gatherings where he perfected the batter and chicken seasonings to what we know and love. Mr. Sanders began to serve this wonderful combination at all his back yard barbeques and was dubbed the name "chef". The combo was a hit and he began to get several requests to serve his chicken and waffle combination at wedding receptions, intimate gatherings as well as picnics for organizations.

The taste was so popular that after one year of catering small functions with his famous chicken and waffles and heavenly potatoes he was easily convinced to open his first restaurant in June 2006 on the eastside of Detroit. We have since moved to a more spacious area in the city of Southfield.

As with all our meals our Soul Food Sunday is simply the Best! You get a genuine different home cooked meal from scratch each and every Sunday with dessert.


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